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Blogging has never, ever been my thing. Keeping a diary was never my thing. My sister and my cousin could sit for an hour or two and pen down everything that happened in a day and how that made them feel... but I would get bored and toss the little book and go do something else. So it is with blogging. I think this is rather tedious. However! My CO suggested reflection, and this is a good way to do it.

2013 sucked. I am SO GLAD it is over! Let's recap, shall we?

January: Graduated boot camp. Hooyah! On to "A" school!

February: Boyfriend was in another state, so... I was pretty much alone for Valentine's Day. Not that I am a girlie girl who wants roses and chocolates, ETC, but... I want romance in my life too, DAMMIT. My friends and I had a LOT of pizza in February.

March: Right before my mom's birthday... my aunt killed herself. She was cremated ON my mom's birthday, and I had oral surgery to have five wisdom teeth pulled. My birthday, I was so doped up on painkillers, I couldn't function. Nobody would let me cry about my aunt. Nobody. So, my master chief sent me to see the chaplain. He let me cry. I tore through half a box of tissues in 20 minutes and missed PT to sit and sob. I hate crying. It gives me a headache. Chaps gave me a bottle of water, and we sat and talked. I felt better for it.

April: Graduated "A" school! Hooyah! On to my first command! I'm at an FRC squadron. This means three things. 1) It's shore duty, but it isn't like any other shore duty. FRC squadrons are a LOT more work! 2) We're a training command for pilots and air crew. They break stuff. I'm a mech. I have to fix what they break. 3) I am not going out to sea for a long while. >.<

May: Got the room mate from hell. She tried to get me in trouble the DAY she moved in because she wanted her own room. It didn't work. The building manager and I are kind of buddies, and my command was unimpressed with her pissy attitude about sharing a room. Me? I was hacked, but let it go. I bought a car in May. I LOVE my car.

June: Hurt my hip. Ended up on crutches. Was pulled from my shop because crutches and shops do not mix.

July: Put in physical therapy for my hip. Joyness.

August: Off crutches and back in the shop! The AC broke in my room, and the room mate from hell and I were put in different rooms. Thank GOD. I was all by myself in this tiny room on the top floor. Epic!

September: Put on mids. Blacked out the windows and tried to become nocturnal again.

October: Got a new room mate in the middle of the day while I was sleeping. I got about 2 hours of sleep that day and was afraid that we wouldn't get along. Fears were abated. She is SO COOL. We get along great! We even argue over who gets to clean. It's awesome. She bought a fish. I got promoted!

November: Put on days right before taking Thanksgiving leave. Went home and spent lots of time with my family. Came back kind of sad, but refreshed.

December: Moved back to nights! YES! I love night-check. Best shift EVER. I get off around midnight, so I get to sleep while it's dark, but I don't have to get up until after 8am! (That's late for me, okay?) Broke up with the boyfriend. Notice that he isn't mentioned since February? Yeah. There's a reason. Benign neglect is still neglect. I decided that I wasn't going to be a convenient girlfriend to someone who couldn't be bothered to call me back when he said he would. So, with the money I was going to use to pay for his hotel when he finally got around to visiting... I bought a gaming rig desktop computer. This thing, when it finally arrives, will scream along at a high speed! I'm so excited!

And so... 2013, overall, wasn't that bad. But losing my aunt the way I did? It stained the whole year. It really did. The fallout from that has been phenomenal. And dealing with the ups and downs of the now ex-bf? Well... yeah. Let's say... that was only fun when he was in a great mood. Not the worst boyfriend I've ever had, not by a LONG shot, but... he was never around when I needed him. And he had a myriad of excuses to not come visit me. And so... yeah. It didn't work out. We're still friends and all that. He's actually the first ex I stayed friends with as we broke up amiably and without tearing each other's hearts out. We just grew apart and then let it go.

So! My new years resolutions... are few. Realistic, but few. I resolved to get up an hour earlier (as soon as I get over this stupid chest cold) to spend at LEAST 45 minutes at the gym every day except Friday and Saturday. Obviously, I'm going to be doing different things while I work out, but mostly... I want to get back onto my elliptical machines. I fucking LOVE those things, and once I'm on it... I don't WANT to stop. Because I'm crazy, and I love to PT. Fridays will be yoga days, and Saturdays? Total R&R. That's my first one. My second one was to NOT rush into another relationship right away and just let things happen as they will. To be more patient. I made this resolution because... well... I had a date on Sunday with a guy I REALLY like. Really, really like. And one of his buddies was pestering me about going out with him, so I asked him for a date. He took me out for Greek food, and I had a GREAT time! And, apparently, so did he, because we're planning on another date! But I'm not going to rush into this. No way. Keep it slow, thank you!

And that, as they say, is that.
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I don't really draw that much, and most of the stuff I do, in my opinion, sucks. Which is funny, because I consider myself an artist. Reason: I paint things. Objects like walls and candle holders and desks. I paint and personalize them, but that's not something I can just scan, is it? I would take pictures of them, but I give them away before I remember where I stuck my camera!

Mostly, I write. I'm working on two books right now, and no, I won't post them on DA. Too many people can steal my ideas then. But I'm very very proud of my books, and when they are finished, I will be publishing them.

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