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The Past Returns, part 12
“Welcome to Dawnstar,” she said, sweeping a hand out to indicate the small city.
Jaire huddled in her cloak. “It’s so cold… so cold…”
“Aye, it gets this way. Come on, let’s go inside. It’ll warm ye up!” Minx dismounted and tied her horse to a post. “I think ye need a drink.”
She slid from her saddle. “Uhn… I think you’re right.” Rubbing her sore rump, she followed the older woman into the inn. “I have never ridden so hard… or far!”
Chuckling, she purchased a pair of drinks and led her to the table. “Skyrim’s a good place to learn to be stronger.”
She sat, accepting the mead, and nodded. “I suppose I’m a rather poor excuse for a companion… with what you’re used to…?”
“Meh, I’ve had worse!” They laughed, drinking their mead. “But… before we meet all these people… ye need to
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The Past Returns, part 11
Lyra’s eyes narrowed and her tail twitched at the tip. She crouched low, looking around. Her Biba was somewhere near… stalking her. She did not want to lose another round of this game, so she had to concentrate. She sniffed around.
“Lyra!” Cicero bounced through the clearing, upsetting birds and sending a rabbit darting for cover. He was wearing a wreath of flowers and carrying another one. “Where aaaaare youuuuu?” He stopped, looking around.
The Khajiit squawked when her mother tackled her from behind. “Biba!” she protested.
Shivani sat, smirking, her tail flicking. “Jajo lost concentration.”
“Ooh!” Cicero tittered, hopping from foot to foot. “Training! It’s so fun!”
Lyra stood, sighing. Her mother balanced on her shoulders, and she set her hands on the older Khajiit’s feet. “Biba, really…?”
She giggled, hopping to the ground. “Jajo needs to pay attention, no matte
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Journies of Friendship ch3
Chapter 3: Zombies!?
The city was a sight to behold. They stopped inside the gates to gaze around. “We’re going to end up gaping at everything… I just know it!” Shadow giggled, breaking the silence. She blinked around. “How do we get up there again?” Pointing up at the bridge, she swallowed. How was she going to do this if she could not remember things like that?
“There’s a little path thingie up there.” Scatha motioned to it with a hand and started walking. “Come on, I’ll show you!”
“I love how articulate you are,” her friend teased. “Hey, um… are you sure we have to split up? We could do some stuff together and then split up…”
“What’s wrong? Nervous?” In truth, they both were.
“Well… you know how much I like being lost…”
“Study that map, silly! That’s what I had to do!” The Khajiit turned up the previously mention
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Bari, part 3 :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 2 4
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Bari, part 2 :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 1 2
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Bari, part 1 :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 2 2
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Chickpea in Blood :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 1 2
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Moan For Me :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 11 10
Journies of Friendship Ch2
Chapter 2: Changes
Her eyes opened slowly and blinked a few times as they struggled to focus. After a moment, she rolled onto her back and looked at the ceiling. Finally, her eyes began to work properly. Her surroundings were unknown to her, but she greatly appreciated the way it seemed so authentically Medieval. A soft sigh escaped her nose, and she sat up. The realization that she in no pain at all crept over her, making her eyes widen. Closing her eyes, she poked and prodded herself, amazed that there was no pain. Finally, she reopened her eyes and focused on the room itself.
There were two beds, two pillars, and a desk. Each bed had a chair sitting beside it. As her mind began to process more quickly, she considered the bed on the other side of the room. A rather large lump in the center of it, covered by a green blanket, indicated another person. She assumed it was Hadassah, for lack of a better idea. "Hey!" she hissed. The lump adjusted, but remained as it was. Rolling her eyes,
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Mates :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 2 2
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Ice Breaker :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 0 2
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Altmeri Heart :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 1 0
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Khajiit Lust :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 5 28
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Kara's Nightmares :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 0 0
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Shouldn't Fall in Love :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 1 6
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Curiosity and a Cat :iconkorimasho:KoriMasho 6 0

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I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry.
I AM NOT DEAD. See? *waves* Not dead.
It's been over a year since my last update. Soooooooo much has happened. I finally broke down and got my hip looked at by a surgeon. That was not so fun. I'm not going to go month by month like I did last year. There is far too much to tell!
The short version? Well... I spent a few months trying to re-enter the dating pool. But all the guys I went out with were either creepy as hell or just plain losers. So I gave up. I gave up hardcore, too. I swore off dating and men and just absorbed myself in roleplaying online. It's not as fun, but... it was better than bring around creepers. I spent my summer in funeral honors, and it sucked. Honoring our fallen is very, very important, but I hate standing still with a passion. And the chief in charge was kind of a doofus. But I was on the gun line, so it was not all bad. I got to call for a few funerals, so... yeah. That means I was the one in the middle yelling, "Ready! Aim! FIRE!" to the rifles.
Not long after I got out of the detail, I met another role player who's writing caught my attention. His use of grammar and punctuation caught my attention first. Then his stories sucked me in. A couple of weeks later, he asked me out. I relented, though I was not so sanguine about it. A few months later, he had stolen my heart and given me his. He moved in with me in December and now we're married. ^^ He makes me so happy, words fail me.
Some of the things he's into make me just shake my head and sigh. But he's a guy, and that's life. I'm sure some of my stuff does the same to him. It's all good. I love him. He loves me. That is all that matters.
Apart from that... I haven't much to tell. I have not done a lot of writing this last year because, aside from the roleplaying that I was into, my muse took a hike. It just packed up and left, telling me to suck a dick. Well... my sweet husband brought it back. He inspires me to draw and write. I am very thankful for him.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I don't really draw that much, and most of the stuff I do, in my opinion, sucks. Which is funny, because I consider myself an artist. Reason: I paint things. Objects like walls and candle holders and desks. I paint and personalize them, but that's not something I can just scan, is it? I would take pictures of them, but I give them away before I remember where I stuck my camera!

Mostly, I write. I'm working on two books right now, and no, I won't post them on DA. Too many people can steal my ideas then. But I'm very very proud of my books, and when they are finished, I will be publishing them.

Current Residence: Under the moon...
Favourite genre of music: I like most music, but I'm going to have to stick with Rock here.
Favourite style of art: Painting.
Operating System: 7
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever I feel like, when I feel like it. LOL
Favourite cartoon character: Scar from the Lion King. Shut up, Jeremy Irons ROCKS!!!
Personal Quote: "So that others may live."


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LoorTheDarkElf Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there, it has been quite a while! Slightly more than a year ago, you were a reader of a fic I had been publishing here on DA, The Kitten And The Wolf... and I sadly dropped off the face of the earth before actually FINISHING the project. However! I am back and once again updating the story. The first part finished out at 10 chapters and have been given their own folder in my gallery for easy reading, and part two, Mixing Beastblood, is well on its way as I have just published the sixth chapter today. 

I understand if you are no longer interested in reading the story, but I thought I might go about and tell old readers that OH DANG I'M ACTUALLY DOING THE THING AGAIN just in case. XD
KoriMasho Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, sweet!!! I may have to go check that out!
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